Feadback form

X2 CellSTACK chamber, PS, CellBIND surface5 stack, Individually Wrapped, sterile

Two generous 26mm filling ports provide direct access to chamber bottom and flexibility for sterile filling and emptying Standard 33mm threaded caps have 0.2μm pore nonwettable membranes sealed to caps—allowing gas exchange, preventing pressure buildup, and minimizing risk of contamination Choice of surface treatments: standard Tissue Culture Treated Surface, CellBIND Surface and Ultra-Low Attachment Surface Sterilized by gamma irradiation Leak tested Corning CellBIND™ surface treatment improves cell attachment leading to increased cell growth and yields and provides more consistent and even cell attachment. Surface helps adapt cells to reduced serum or serum-free conditions, requires no refrigeration or special handling and is stable at room temperature. Ultra-Low attachment surface features a covalently bound hydrogel layer that effectively inhibits cellular attachment and minimizes protein absorption, enzyme activation and cellular activation

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