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Safety containers Manufactured in polypropylene, they are also shockproof, perforation and solvents resistant, and can be incinerated. Two ways of locking: provisional; and permanent. Autoclavables. Portable models 260000 and 232806 are designed to be easy opened and closed with just one hand. 1. 232810, 0.20 l capacity. Approximate capacity for 100 needles. Suitable for needles and lancets. Device type A. Easy opening and closure with just one hand. 2. 260000, 0.45 l capacity. Designed for those people who need regular injections and have to carry a needle container. With a device type B and a handle. Black colour. 3. 232811, 0.45 l capacity. Similar to the previous model, but in yellow colour, and featuring device C. 4. 232806, 0.6 l capacity. Usable for insulin needles, it is also right for complete syringes. Features a device type A and a handle on one side. 5. 232809, 1 l capacity. Suitable in places where waste quantity to be disposed of is small. With a handle and devices A and C. 6. 232808, 2 l capacity. Features devices type D. 7. 232801, 4 l capacity. The most used container for discarding residues in general. Embodies devices type D and a handle. 8. 232802, 7 l capacity. Its height makes it ideal for contaminated pipettes. With devices type D. All models, excepting 232810, 232811, 260000, and 232806, embody a socket to place needle caps in vertical position. All of them are in accordance with ADR (UN). Excepting portable models (260000, and 232806) the others are also in accordance with BS 7320, TRBA250 and AFNOR NF X 30 500 standards. These models are constantly updated; design can be slightly modified. Suitable for solid waste type II and III. Produced in compliance with new international ISO 23907 (drilling, drop, liquid, stability), ADR, UN, NFX 30-500 (France), TRBA 250 (Germany), Ö Norm (Austria). DEVICES: A. Oval aperture for syringes and lancets. B. Removal of needles with non return system. C. Removal of luerlock, luerslip and pen needles. D. Five kinds of aperture: a wide one to discard elements of medium size; another one designed to remove scalpel blades; one to remove luerlock and blood collection systems; to remove butterfly and luerslip needles and the last one for insulin pen.

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