Зворотній звязок

Zebron ZB-5 капілярна колонка для ГХ 5 м x 0,25 мм, 1.00 мкм


Загальна інформація

Low Polarity for a Wide Range of Separations Versatile column recommended for a wide range of applications Great column for unknown samples Resilient to dirty samples – long column life    Want even lower bleed for GC/MS? See ZB-5MSi.    Need enhanced aromatic selectivity? See See ZB-5ms. Recommended Use Alkaloids, Dioxins, Drugs, Essential Oils/Flavors, FAMEs, Halo-hydrocarbons, PCBs/Aroclors, Pesticides/Herbicides, Phenols, Residual Solvents

Специфічна інформація

Versatile low polarity phase recommended for a wide range of applications Resilient to dirty samples for long column life

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