Зворотній звязок

Zebron ZB-1HT капілярна колонка для ГХ на каркасі діаметром 127 мм 5 м x 0,53 мм, 0.10 мкм


Загальна інформація

Inferno: Rugged Performance Up to 430 °C Rugged, high temperature stable (430 °C), polyimide-coated fused silica phase Robust column performance for high temperature bake outs True boiling point separation for hydrocarbon distillation methods Recommended for chemists struggling with high boilers, contaminants, or carry-overs    Want a metal column for simulated distillation? See ZB-1XT SimDist.    Need a different polarity? See ZB-5HT, ZB-35HT, or ZB-XLB-HT. Recommended Use Diesel Fuel, High Boiling Petroleum Products, High Molecular Weight Waxes, Long-chained Hydrocarbons, Motor Oils, Polymers/Plastics, Simulated Distillation R&D 100 Award-Winning Technology for High Temp Testing With advanced polymer bonding technology and specialized high temperature polyimide coating, Zebron Inferno columns offer enhanced performance where other columns fail.

Специфічна інформація

Rugged, high-temperature stability (up to 430 °C) for non-polar compounds Recommended for high boilers, contaminants, carry-overs, and high-temp bakeouts

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