Зворотній звязок

Zebron ZB-1XT SimDist капілярна колонка для ГХ 5 м x 0,53 мм, 0.15 мкм із 2 м передколонкою


Загальна інформація

Consistent, Reliable Results for Simulated Distillation Uniform Glass Infusion™ coating for sharp peaks and high efficiency Individually tested for improved reproducibility 45 – 70 % higher efficiency than other manufacturers Improved resolution of C50/C52 hour after hour    Want a flexible fused-silica alternative for SimDist testing? See ZB-1HT Inferno. Recommended Use ASTM Methods (D2887, D2887X, D3710, D6352, D7169), Crude Oil, Gasoline Fractions, Petroleum Distillates, Petroleum Fractions, Simulated Distillation, Vacuum Distillates

Специфічна інформація

Metal column with Glass Infusion technology for efficient, reproducible separations Our most popular phase for high temperature simulated distillation

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