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Aeris 3,6 мкм PEPTIDE XB-C18 100 Å, колонка для ВЕРХ 250 x 2,1 мм


Загальна інформація

UHPLC/HPLC Core-Shell Technology for BioSeparations Core-shell particle technology provides striking increases in peak capacity and resolution at lower backpressure, giving chromatographers the ability to achieve ultra-high performance on ANY system, from UHPLC to HPLC to PREP. A uniform porous silica layer is grown around a solid, spherical silica core, providing effective retention and selectivity with improved resolution, speed, and recovery. Next, optimizing the pore size and shell thickness for intact proteins or smaller peptide fragments provides well-defined depth penetration of biomolecules leading to maximum separation power. The precise architecture of core-shell particles provides dramatic leaps in performance in TWO important ways: The thin, porous layer, or "shell", decreases the diffusion path length, thus reducing the time it takes for biomolecules to adsorb/desorb into and out of the particles. Uniform sizing and shape of the particles along with tight packing specifications reduces losses in efficiency and performance due to band broadening. The result is: 3.6 µm and 2.6 µm core-shell particles that can perform like sub-2 μm columns on both HPLC and UHPLC systems at a fraction of the pressure 2.6 µm and 1.7 µm core-shell particles that can provide higher peak capacities compared to fully porous sub-2 μm columns on UHPLC systems

Специфічна інформація

Recommended for the separation of low molecular weight peptides and for peptide mapping. XB-C18 chemistry best suited for resolving peptides 1.7 µm and 3.6 µm particles for method development flexibility Small pore optimized for peptide diffusion Synthetic peptide impurity analysis Peptide mapping Identifying protein modifications Glycosylation Substitution Truncation Analyzing post-translational modifications Deamidation Oxidation Deletions

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