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General and application-specific pipette tips in a variety of capacities; includes filtered and non-filtered, stepper and multi-stepper, positive displacement, and repeater pipette tips.

Disposable pipette tips attach to mechanical and electronic single and multichannel pipettors that transfer liquid between vessels using suction and pressure.

Pipette tips are available in a range of types and packaging configurations and may be designed for specific purposes or tasks. Pipette tip racks and inserts are also available.

Universal pipette tips fit multiple pipettors from different manufacturers.

Pipette specific tips are designed to fit and work best with a specific brand of pipettor.

Robotic pipette tips are styled and packaged for easy use and for compatibility with specific automated pipetting systems.

Specialty pipette tips have unique shapes or sizes for specific or unique laboratory tasks.

Pipette tip racks and inserts can help reduce the amount of plastic waste from pipette tips.

Select pipette tips based on the features that suit your needs:

  • Capacity or volume; depending on the pipettor size
  • Filters that reduce contamination and cross-contamination
  • Color
  • Sterility or autoclavability
  • Tip style: beveled, tapered, wide bore, round, flat, or gel-loading
  • Length: short or extended
  • Purity: metal-free or DNase, RNase, ATP, Bioburden, PCR inhibitor, endotoxin, or pyrogen-free for genomic and biologic applications
  • Surface treatments for low retention
  • Packaging options to help facilitate restocking or eliminate waste

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