Impact - продукти для осадження білків

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Rapid Protein Precipitation

Impact protein precipitation plates with Solvent Shielding Technology™ offer a rapid and convenient way to remove proteins from plasma and tissue homogenate samples prior to analysis.

If you need to remove phospholipids from your analysis as well, then upgrade to Phree Phospholipid Removal for a fast and effective way to remove proteins and phospholipids from plasma while keeping the recovery of your target analytes. 

Recommended Use: Protein Precipitation (PPT)

Product Specifications:

Recommended Organic Solvents - Acetonitrile or Methanol

Recommended Biological Samples - Plasma or Tissue homogenate

Maximum Biological Sample Volume - 400 μL

Recommended Minimum Organic Solvent : Biological Sample Ratio - 3:1 to 4:1 (v/v)

Maximum Total Combined Liquid Volume (Organic Solvent plus Biological Sample) - 1.6 mL

Leak Resistant Time - Up to 25 minutes with no vacuum/pressure

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