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LC/GC Approved Syringe Filters

Phenex syringe filters are designed for efficient and rapid filtration of almost any solution prior to analysis, and are optimized for superior flow rates and high-throughput. Proper membrane and size selection are the keys to choosing the best product to maintain the integrity of your sample components as well as to protect your system from particulate contamination. Phenex offers a wide variety of membranes ideal for any application.

Try our Phenex Syringe Filters for:

High quality filtration product

Increased column lifetime

Less system downtime

Low protein absorption

Phenex Offers:

Broad chemical compatibility

Minimized extractables

Excellent flow rate

High total throughput

Certified quality

100 % integrity tested

Low hold-up volume

Low protein adsorption

Bi-directional use

Recommended Use:

CA (Cellulose Acetate) - Cellulose Acetate (CA) membranes exhibit ultra-low protein binding and are broadly used in the filtration of biological samples. In combination with a glass pre-filter (Phenex-GF/CA), this membrane is excellent for filtration of tissue culture media, general biological sample filtration and clarification.

GF (Glass Fiber) - Glass Fiber (GF) filters are made of inert borosilicate glass and have a nominal 1.2 µm pore size. They are commonly used with highly viscous samples or samples containing high concentrations of particulate matter (e.g., food analysis, biological samples, soil samples, fermentation broth samples, removal of yeasts, molds, etc.).

NY (Nylon) - Nylon has inherent hydrophilic characteristics and works well for filtration of many aqueous and mixed-organic samples. In combination with a glass pre-filter (Phenex-GF/NY), this membrane is excellent for the filtration of particle-laden samples, such as foods and beverages, environmental, biofuels, and dissolution samples.

PES (Polyethersulfone) - Polyethersulfone membranes exhibit very fast-flow and ultra-low protein binding characteristics. Phenex-PES membranes are typically broadly recommended for filtering critical biological samples, tissue culture media, additives and buffers.

PTFE - Filtration of organic-based, highly acidic or basic samples and solvents.

PVDF (Polyvinylidene Fluoride) - Hydrophilic PVDF membrane provides high flow rates and throughput, low extractables, and broad chemical compatibility. This membrane binds less protein than nylon or PTFE membranes.

RC - Filtration of a broad range of aqueous and mixed-organic solutions and broadly recommended as an excellent general purpose/high-performance sample filter for most applications

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