Clarity - продукти для очищення олігонуклеотидів

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The Clarity BioSolutions sample preparation portfolio is composed of unique solid phase extraction chemistries packed in 96-well plate and cartridge formats designed to efficiently and effectively purify oligonucleotides.

Works for desalting and clean up of biological samples

Specially formulated buffer solutions available for optimal performance

Quick protocols for rapid LC-MS/MS results

No liquid-liquid extractions (LLE)

Recommended Use:

Clarity OTX - Extraction of RNA and DNA-based therapeutics/metabolites from biological fluids and tissues

Clarity RP-Desalting - Eliminate salts and reagents from trityl-off synthetic oligo mixtures resulting in high recoveries

Clarity QSP - Purification of trityl-on synthetic DNA or RNA samples resulting in high recoveries

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